Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Style Me Cheaply: Amazon Buys

recent amazon buys
Amazon is a must have for us all for everything from day to day needs to electronics and just about everything in between. The fashion dept. can be a bit overwhelming but I've found some real gems recently.

Leopard Sweater - $32.00

Rattan Earrings - $10.69


Monday, February 24, 2020

Chicago: Happiest Hour

I love me a good happy hour! The deals, the drinks, the nibbles - just  a fun way to end the workday and gather with friends. I wanted to share some of my favorites, cheers!

GT Prime - 5pm - 7pm. My go to's: $6 glasses of wine & well drinks.

Luxbar - 3pm - 6pm. My go to's: $5 glasses of wine. $1.50 warm pretzel and cheese and truffle popcorn. $5.00 pub chips.

Bernie's - 5pm - 7pm. My go to's: $7 bubbles and wine. $11 lamb hashwi  (hummus topped with the most delish lamb).

Gluntz Tavern - 4pm - 7pm. Tuesdays & Fridays - half price bottles of wine

Union Sushi - 5pm - 6:30pm. My go to's: $5 glasses of rose and $1.50 oyseters